Box-Fit Bootcamps

Learn the art of the Sweet Science…become a Champion in life not a Contender!

Bootcamps are hard work. In order to become a Champ in life, you will challenge yourself physically and mentally; push yourself beyond your limits, and work harder than you ever have. You will see and feel the results of your efforts!

Benefits: Have you ever heard the term “get in fighting shape”? Well if you want to get fit and in trim fighting shape without getting punched in the face join in our trusted bootcamp approach!


$280/month 5 Days a Week
$224/month 4 Days a Week
$169/month 3 Days a Week

Champion Abilities Required
You require no special skills to take part. You are expected to work to the best of your ability and train with the dedication of a champion. It is okay to take a break when needed.

We have three core rules:

1. The words “I can’t or I give up” are not allowed in the gym!
2. All we ask is that you “try”!
3. You will be coached to challenge yourself like a CHAMPION!!!

Duration of Workouts:
60 minutes including warm-up and cool down. Your choice of a 3, 4 or 5 day BOX-FIT Bootcamp to fit your schedule.

What to Bring:

– Hand Wraps
– Boxing Bag Gloves
– Water Bottle
– Towel

What to Wear:

– Comfy Sweats or Shorts
– T-shirt
– Runners


Have a hard time fitting in a workout during your busy day? Well Elite has designed an express version of our morning bootcamp to fit your schedule. Can’t make it in the morning or evening? Come visit us at lunch time and get a 45 minute boost to get you through the rest of your day!


$249/month 5 Days a Week
$199/month 4 Days a Week
$149/month 3 Days a Week



This one-day a week class is designed for new moms who want to try something NEW in a place where they can bring baby! Elite  integrates boxing with interval training, circuit training and core exercises to help mom’s get back into shape and de-stress. Baby can watch mom from a mat nearby.  This class is for moms with babies 8 weeks to pre-crawling age. This class is taught by Coach Danielle who is also a new mom.



Are you a stay at home mom? Kids at school and looking for a boost to your fitness program? Are you retired and want to try something new? Join us for Women’s BOX-FIT and experience a fun filled workout that incorporates boxing, strength and cardio!



$64 a month for one day a week

PLEASE NOTE: All BOX-FIT Classes are separate from regular membership and will only run if we have enough participants registered. Please call or drop in to sign-up!